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                     "We have taken away from here so much, mainly Enlightenment..."
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Where most companies put profit, we put ethics - right at the heart of what we do.
We refuse to compromise for an easy life or a cheap deal.
We are set up as a Workers' Co-operative and are a non-profit-making enterprise.

  • We use energy efficient, solar-powered custom built sound system and LED lights.
  • We encourage others, through demonstration and teaching, to reduce energy consumption.
  • We use real crockery, cutlery, towels and cloths - not disposables.
  • We reuse, recycle and compost as much as we possibly can.
  • We use biodegradable binbags, eco cleaning products, recycled aluminium foil, everlasting coffee filters, unbleached teabags and recycled paper.
  • We buy and sell only vegetarian foods and over 95% of our ingredients are organic (where not organic, our products are locally sourced / artisan made).
  • We use local and/or ethical suppliers as far as possible (genuinely).
  • We do as many of these things as we can all of the time, not just at festivals.
Money & stuff:
  • Weirdigans is non-profit-making.
  • Any money we take is used to: pay travel expenses; pay crew (up to minimum wage); maintain kit; buy stock; improve our service and sustainability; contribute towards events we are a part of; and contribute towards charities/campaigns that we believe in (see below).
  • Some of us do a lot of unpaid work, just for the love of it.
  • We bank with the Co-op Bank (that's not so great anymore... but we have no savings anyway).
  • Our website is hosted by Green ISP (solar-powered, carbon neutral, ethical, not-for-profit company).
Fairness & Equality:
  • We buy Fairtrade when we can; our coffee, chocolate, sugar, tea are always Fairtrade.
  • We don't discriminate on the grounds of race, culture, religion, gender or ability/disability.
  • We aim to work as co-operatively as we can and to take turns at washing up, cooking, cleaning, making tea, entertaining, putting up marquees, digging ditches, lighting fires and so on... although we also try to play to individuals' strengths and preferences where possible and fair. 
  • All jobs are seen as equally important.
Campaigns and Initiatives: we have supported / been involved in:

Recipe for a sustainable, happy, free life

Desire less, consume less, avoid direct debits & credit cards
Be creative, grow vegetables, make compost, reuse and recycle
Sew and mend, chop wood, carry water, explore, play
Barter, share skills, co-operate within your community
Enjoy simple things -
Walks, conversation, campfires, books, exploring, dancing, music
Avoid mass-production and exploitation
Switch off the television,
Don't be afraid
Buy things from small companies not large ones
Don't be a slave to wage or career, merge life and work
Harness natural renewable energy resources and use them wisely 
Avoid packaging and processed foods; choose organic, local, non-GM
Value friends and health and nature
Be Happy, Be Free!