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We're only rarely running the cafe & updating this website now but we're still out in the fields and a lot of what you'll read here holds true... You'll find us behind the scenes at a wide range of festivals, occasionally still serving the 'best chai on site'! 

Check out The Raconteurs' Delight, Dave Weirdigan Music and Hebden Bridge Hostel for recent projects.

If you're looking for festival crew, co-ordinators, performers, venues, riggers, renewable power providers etc... we may be able to help. contact us.

Venues... Weirdigans' spaces are safe and gorgeous, perfect for a huge range of activities from relaxing, meeting new friends, reading and feeding, doing the crossword or grabbing a quick doze... to hosting music sessions, exhibitions, workshops, dancing, cabaret, political debates... and we occasionally run a great bar.

"An oasis in the muddy desert...The loveliest vibe in the festival is here."

Cafe... Our organic vegetarian snacks and sweets are all freshly prepared on site, with fairtrade or local ingredients where possible. Hot drinks are served in real mugs, and our chai is "liquid heaven!". cx

"A lovely space that lights the nights and brightens the days."

Energy... Lit by extremely energy-efficient, cutting edge LED lighting - custom-designed by Dave Weirdigan and powered by solar panels - Weirdigans is a beautiful and functional showcase for sustainable technology. At night we're a festival landmark, glowing and twinkling with LED faerie lights.

Seeking crew to help behind the scenes at The Green Gathering: Interested?

Music, Spoken Word & Cabaret... In the evenings acoustic musicians often gather at Weirdigans to practice and entertain. Folky sessions are interspersed with diverse and feisty performances; later, if the mood is right, we play happy/funky/soulful tunes on our LEDisco eco sound-system. The Raconteurs' Delight takes the evolution of a Weirdigans' venue one step further: hosting spoken word, cabaret artistes, singer-songwriters and performing arts workshops in a gorgeously decorated space with ambience by the bucketload. 
"Weirdigans is the best venue on site... it's more fun in here than at any of the main stages!"

Education... Sometimes we bring along our Ideal Dome Exhibition from which to share our knowledge of low-energy LED lighting and solar technology, 12-volt electrics, geodesic domes, and co-operatives.
"I want to do something like this when I grow up."   "We're taking away so much, mainly Enlightenment..."

Ethics... Weirdigans is a non-profit-making (ad)venture. We do what we do because we enjoy being part of the festival fabric and are inspired by festival-goers' appreciation. We aim to provide a fantastic venue and service while treading as lightly on the earth as we can. Our ethical policy.

"Weirdigans is the festival teddy-bear: friendly, comforting, grounding and totally accepting. Thankyou."

The Crew... has included teachers, activists, herbalists, artists, performers, riggers, musicians, cooks, healers, environmentalists, djs, students, gardeners, travellers and people of all ages who've stepped out of the mainstream to pursue a more ethical, egalitarian and creative way of life. Gallery

Background... Weirdigans was created in 2004 since when it has grown organically, encompassing the things we're passionate about and responding to festival-goers' needs, interests and requests. Blog

Our Other Hats:

The Green Gathering:  We've been going to this fabulous festival for years, first as punters then as stewards, healers, first-aiders, speakers, traders, caterers... now we help to organise various aspects of the Gathering, book the entertainment and traders, and run The Raconteurs' Delight. Maybe see you there...

Dave Weirdigan Music: entertainments co-ordination, music promotions, gigs/events organisation.

LEDfantastic: All about low energy LED lighting.

Mama Weirdigan's
 (aka Hebden Bridge Hostel): When we're not at festivals you can often find us playing host at Mama's; providing quirky, affordable accommodation for travellers, walkers, backpackers and Weirdigan regulars in this unique South Pennine town.

Hazel Hedge:
"Ready for some real change"; aka Em Weirdigan on an occasional eco-political slant/rant.

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