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The Green Gathering

We Love Windmills


"An oasis of carpet in the muddy desert."

"There's 'Weirdigans'... and then there's the rest of the world! (Prefer Weirdigans myself...)"

"It's more fun in here than at any of the stages!!!"

"This is the most comfy and civilised I've been all weekend..."

"I want to do something like this when I grow up." Henry, age 9

"The chai... it's like angels are copulating on my tongue!"

"Weirdigans was the best venue on site... thankyou" - Stephane Spitz, Swervy World

"Weirdigans is the festival teddy-bear - comforting, grounding and totally accepting"

"Drinking out of real mugs first thing in the morning = Happiness :-)"

"I checked the Weirdigans website to make sure you were doing Solfest before I bought my ticket!"

"Have taken away from here so much, mainly Enlightenment...the food was also excellent."

"We really love Weirdigans. I have a little baby and I needed a place to be and I found it here!"

"My friend has been talking about your guarana truffles for 4 years..."

"It always smells lovely in this tent"

"Thank Ganesha for Weirdigans. Our tent blew down at 2am and you totally saved us."

"The chai is liquid heaven!"

"Weirdigans keeps everyone alive. Thankyou :-)"

"I love this place. Can we move in please?"

"When you’ve hung out at Weirdigans with people dressed as fairies and pirates,using a wheelchair 
doesn’t seem that unusual"
Sam Sillars (12 years old)

"Your chai is the main reason I keep coming back to Knockengorroch!" 

"Weirdigans is great! A place where one can sing out loud and not feel like a complete nutter."

"Thanks for creating an oasis in the mud. Keep doing it - it matters. Lush tea & cake too x" 

"Solid as a rock, always there when you're needed."

"Weirdigans made the festival for me, having a nice chilled out space to go for a brew at 4am is a great luxury!" - Andy, Kendal Calling organiser

"Fantastic soup! Perfect festival remedy at an honest price - keep it up!"

"What a lovely space this is, nice inside and out, you've made more effort than most, all the best to you." 
Doctor Damage, Festival Eye

"Weirdigans...a great place. 
My son and his mates spent most of Solfest cocooned in there, all of them huddled together like hamsters."

"Dear Em, Dave and all the Weirdigans - probably the hardest working people I've met in a long time. 
Thanks a million for having me onboard, it's been fun. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again... 
Take care and have a very well deserved rest. Love & peas xx" - Ali, Knockengorroch crew

"The most chilled vibe at the Secret Garden Party is here. I spent all afternoon here, recovering from the night before. Exactly the right place, now I'm walking on clouds. Thank You" 

 "Three words: Lemon. Drizzle. Cake."

"Weirdigans - Thankyou for a lovely bolt-hole all summer."

"We love Weirdigans. We even love the word Weirdigans!

"Stewards, if you want to contact your team leader, just try Weirdigans, that place has a magnetic pull towards folk in a Hi Vis "  - BiggerDave, Stewards Soapbox

"Thank God/ess for the Wonderful Weirdigans!

"This has been our haven. Delicious food, very friendly staff... we love the surroundings, music and ambience." 

"It's not a festival without Weirdigans." - Chris, Solfest  organiser

"I was feeling shit then I had some chai and listened to some dudes playing instruments - proper musicians
Now feel ready to face the world again - Thanks so much." 

"A beautiful calm tent, which is warm and doesn't leak, a perfectly splendid respite after a hard day." 

"I met my partner Emma in Weirdigans. We're very in love & happy. Thanks a big, bright bunch!"Christian, Don Bradmans sax player

"My favourite place here! Such a Zen atmosphere... Thanks" - Caroline, Workhouse Festival

"Tea and safe-ty :)"  

"Most amazing magical retreat. A truly chilled out place to recharge your batteries.

"Been to lots of cafes around the Secret Garden but yours is the only one we've come back to."

"Carpets and liberated feet..." 

"A enchanting cafe on a little fairy mound. We'd be desolate if we couldn't experience this place again. The food was well worth the wait, we could easily spend all day here. Much love & Thankyou" - Mary & Richard Whirl-y-gig

"A lovely space that lights the nights and brightens the days." - Steve Superboss, Kulu

"You guys are ace! It feels like you're hosting us in your cosy living room. Thankyou! xx"

"A delight. I can see how well you know the pitch after your first Big Green Gathering last year and I admire the way you've worked with the landscape to create such a magical, welcoming chillout space." 
- Jennifer Sundance , BGG Markets Manager

"Festival highlight - Weirdigans... run by the friendliest people ever. Went in for a sandwich on Thursday and pretty much never left, spent more time in Weirdigans than the arena." 

"Your tent at night looks like something from Fairy-Land and your food is out of this world! " 

"Thankyou for your patience...Thankyou for the coffee...Can I come & live with you?

"You know when you need comfort food in the morning???... You luvverly lot were tea n toast n jam n mushroom pate!!!!! You know when you need late evening comfort food?... You luvverly lot were cheese on toast with black pepper n herbs! Thank you so much!!!! Can you please tell me the recipe for your luvverly music at the Secret Garden Party... Loving it!! xx p.s did everyone leave with the right shoes/boots??!! Hurrah!" 

"...off to Weirdigans for a chilli hot chocolate and a slice of cake. Weirdigans is well known in  Northern festival circles and is an absolute gem of a place. Open 24 hours a day it has a carpeted floor to sit on (boots off!) and has a small acoustic tent next to it. Great for a chai before bed, it is a firm favourite of mine and I always make a point of visiting when they are at a festival." - Rufus Gwertigan, Solfest review on efestivals forum

"For our first evening we chose to sit in the very chilled and cosy Weirdigans tent where half of the tent is for lounging Moroccan style on cushions, sipping chai and eating what was described by several people as the best cake in the world. The other side is for bringing an instrument, your voice, a song or poem, and finding an appropriate moment to play. Plenty of people will join in with their banjos, guitars, trumpets, keyboards and flutes to create a spontaneous, sometimes lively, sometimes relaxing musical experience which continues throughout the whole weekend, a treat to listen to and a lovely place to be." -  anon, online forum

Solfest 2011

"It wouldn't be Solfest without Weirdigans!" - Heather

"Best place ever." - Mim     "Yay, coffee! Such nice relaxing place x" - Chanelle     "Yay for tea!" - Mattie

"Enjoyed cake! Ta"     "Came for chai last night...came back for more today! Yum yum, Thanks!" - Serena

"Thanks for giving us real mugs and trusting us not to break them!"     "What a lovely spot!"     "Chai tea, Yes!"

"Love the lemon cake."     "Love it!"     "This is the place! Total chillaxed!" - Lou and Sue, Carlisle

"We love tea... love from some happy customers xxx"     "Gorgeous cakes! Yum and Thankyou x"

"It's a family tradition coming to Weirdigans for a brew and I always enjoy it..."     

"Enjoy so much, words cannot explain :) x"     "I love Weirdigans! They are so nice and friendly!"

"The loveliest place to come, anywhere. Thanks for letting us stay even when we didn't buy anything."

"Thanks!"     "Thankyou!"     "It's nice in here..."     "Brill"     "Great"     "It is rather awesome!"

"Nice chocolate cake."     "A salve to the soul in a busy world."     "Lemon drizzle... Yum :)"

Love is the drug when you come to Weirdigans."     "Love the chai!"

"Thanks for the chai." - Love from Pikey Beatz

"Fab cuppa, cheers! :) x"     "Chai awesome, thanx!"     "Beautiful!"     "A real home from home."

The Green Gathering 2011

"Thankyou for creating such a great cafe." - Dale      "Thankyou! We love you! See you next year?"

"Best toast on site! Yummy yummy! with butter! And jam, peanut butter, all manner of good things!" - Karen

"Thankyou for the first tea of the day and making me human again - love and peas." - Pixoid Al

"Just what we needed on a hot summer's day - wonderful dips with warm pitta! Thanks Weirdigans xx" 
- Ian & Sharon, Durham

"The right tea at the right time is truly a thing to behold. Thanks also for the late night sarnie service!"

"Thanks for being Weird again and again so beautifully. Peace and egg."

"So glad you're here (again), Great food! Thankyou x"       "Red bean dip is delicious!"

"Beautiful Greek salad, chai and flapjack. Loving the vibe. Thanks xxx"

Secret Garden Party 2011
"Just what I needed!" - Steve       "Lovely place to meet lovely people x"       "Perfect chai, just like India!"

"A beautiful haven of cushions, folk music and tea...Thankyou for being just what we needed at just the right time!" - DD and friends

"Thanks for the flashbacks to many Northern and Big Green Gatherings" - Pete

"Beautiful chai, Thank You so much"     "I love Weirdigans."     "Wonderful chai xxx."     

"Loved our last part of the night here, it was great, Thank You" - Meg, Rob, Tash

"Lovely chai, very relaxing atmosphere! :)" - Guy, Corinne, Mark, Phil

"Thankyou for saving us from the rain. What a lovely tent :)" - Henry and Rachel, Isle of Wight

"Was yummy, Thank You." - Indigo     "Fabulous soup - best ever! x"     "We love it here!" - the twins

"We spend our whole days here - so nice to relax and chill with some chai between all the art events and workshops and concerts!" - from Sweden

"Very nice fresh sandwich, it made me smile :)"     "Where is that warm fluffy tent with the chai...? We said... :)"

"The tea was super!"     "Amazing hot coffee!"     "So happy to have found this place! xxx" - Sophie

"I had a really bad throat... then I had a lemon and ginger tea with extra ginger and now I'm better! Thanks!"

"BEST. CHAI. EVER."     "I second that!"     "Bangin' brandy coffee too! xxx" - Tam

Beat-Herder 2011

"Lovely cafe"   "Great vegan stuff!"    "Great cakes! yummmmmm..."    "Lovely sandwiches x"

"Loving your love potion, thankyou :) xxx"    "One cup of love please."    "Very lovely chai!"

"Hi tea tent, your tea and coffee is nicer than the other tea tent so we came back! Thankyou :) xx"

"Best chai @ BeatHerder, can't start the day without it xxx"

"Weirdigans saved the day!"    "A special part of a great weekend xx" - D and Ms S

"You made some spun out people very happy x"

Knockengorroch's World Ceilidh 2011

"So good to be back on the magical rugs at Weirdigans!"    "The cake is the best in the world xx"

 "Your chai is the main reason I keep coming back to this festival!"

"Best chai, Weirdi-wallah!"    "Just awesome."    "Lovely, lovely chai and people xxx" - Matty Tangle

"My friend has been talking about your guarana truffles for 4 years, since she was last here - I didn't believe her but she is so so so very right - I just fell in love!"

" It went like this:
- They're great
- I said they were
- I think they are

"We are slowly working our way through the cakes. Love Knocka-Mocha! x"    "Awesome chai x"

"There's 'Weirdigans'... and then there's the rest of the world! (Prefer Weirdigans myself...)"

More of our Favourites 2004-2010

"The best chai... in the world? Yes!" - anon, Eden Festival 2010

"Your tea made my eyes stop wobbling. Ta." - anon, Eden Festival 2010

     "The first real proper chai I've had since India" - anon, Eden Festival 2010

"A huge slab of Weirdigans loveliness wrapped up in a cushion of fantastic cake! x" - anon, Solfest 2010

     "The best cup of tea I've ever had." - Matt, Solfest 2010

"Fantastic - saved us late nights and mornings - best food at the festival - Thanks!" - Debbie, Bob, Mary & Sally, Secret Garden Party 2010

     "Weirdigans does the best chai ever. I tell people :) xx" - anon, Secret Garden Party 2010

"I massively love this cafe! Amazing food, lovely people and great tea... Thankyou. You made my day!" - Sophie, Secret Garden Party 2010

"Quite simply the best Chai I have tasted in this country. A pretty mean selection of cakes too." - Ike, festival forum

"Another highlight of the Secret Garden party is Weirdigans Cafe - God Bless You! Night and day you were there to feed me and my insatiable appetite for healthy inebriation; with vegan chocolate energy balls, guarana punch and oodles of my beloved hummus. Bravo." - Laura Hitchman, the Nutshell Magazine blog, 2010

     "Best chai in Eden" - Jimmy Richards, on facebook, 2010

"Highlights [at BeatHerder] included... Weirdigans Cafe, for a late night cup of lemon and ginger tea or a slice of peanut butter toast in the morning - sometimes it's the simplest things that make a great weekend." - Nigel, 'original source' blog, 2010

     "All the food is amazing and the marquee is stunning!" anon, online festival forum 09

"Drink the chai - it's the best I've ever had in this country." anon, online festival forum 09

     "The most chilled vibe in the festival is here..." - anon, Secret Garden Party 09

"Best chai in the land!" - 'experienced chai drinker', Knockengorroch 08

     "Dangerously good. The best cakes on site :-) Thankyou Weirdigans! xxx" - Joe, Emma & Jamie, BGG 07

"What I love about this cafe is that you and the vibes show you love what you do and the people you feed." - Katrina, BGG 07

     "The perfect place to be at 4 in the morning. Thankyou for the love that went into it!" - Corin, BGG 

"The only clean and comfortable space to sit in at the whole of Glade 2007. Well appreciated." - anon, 07

     "I still think this is the best cafe ever." - anon, 07

"Northern Green Gathering 'office party' woz 'ere, Sunday 20th August 2006. Big Kiss! X"

     "Thankyou Weirdigans for ALWAYS being there x" - Claire, Solfest 06

"Dearest Weirdigans, You were there when things got a bit blurry during the chaos of the Glade, your chai made me smile and glow at the Big Green Gathering, and my friends and I practically lived in here at the Northern Green Gathering! If I wasn't going to India I'd come and live in your house! Hooray for Weirdigans! I look forwards to seeing you again." - Jonathon, NGG 06

     "Thankfully we have Weirdigans where we can sup chai and breathe and think and believe xxx" - anon, NGG

"You have been our cafe of choice each night - Thankyou! - always welcomed with a smile, great chai, great music & cake. Wish you'd set up at the end of our road back home! Cheers!" - Rachel & Chris, BGG 05

     "I will always remember my mug of tea in the cosy front room of the 1st ever Glade festival." 
       - 'The girl in the pink blanket'

"You have created a beautiful space & then lit it up with your generosity of spirit. Thankyou."
- Shelley & Andy, Glade 04

      "The best new word I've learnt at this festival is... WEIRDIGANS!" - anon, Glade 04 

"Your welcome is delightfully warming, the smiles blissful & the food & drink - awesome." - Gavin, Glade 04

Doonhame Hairth, Knockengorroch, September '09

 "Lovely place!"      "Second that :-)"     "Chocolate caaaaaaaaake! It's chocolatey...."

"A lovely equinoxy birthday cakey brekky! Thankyou x" - F.S.

"Delicious flapjack - try it now!" - Veronica               "Weirdiginz is wonderful!" - Yuh-No-Hu

"Very very nice. And things. x"         "It smells great in here"       "This place is lovely. Good music! xxx"

Solfest, August '09

"Our third festival visiting Weirdigans. We just keep coming back."     

"Weirdigans = Greatest place on Earth!" anon

"Hot choc and cinnamon, fruit flapjack...Wow! And the chai is very very sexy!" - Thomas

"Very nice, Thankyou for my tea, it was yummy" - Tom     "My first time in here, I will be coming back" - John

"Some of our best moments all festival were spent here"        "Cheers!! An island in stormy seas! With chai!"

"Yummiest chai ever!"     "Fantastic chai!"     "Lemon drizzle....mmmm! x"      "Smells so good!"   

"Tea and cake - we love you! x"    "Weirdigans is ace! You make Solfest! x"    

"Excellent as always. I love this place. x" - Jen

"Fantastic chai! Very very delicious. Love the Bedouin feel to this chill out tent."

"Best cafe at Solfest. Love the drumming policy and LED lights!"

"Yummy yummy brandy coffee and hot choc and ginger cake."      "Love Weirdigans. It cool xx"

"Excellent atmosphere and awesome drinks - Cheers! x"

"Best brew ever and somewhere to sit without getting a dirty bum... win!" - Kiz

"Relaxing! Best cafe at Solfest" - Finley, age 10

"A very nice relaxing place!" - Dave, Sue & Archie      "Weirdigans was just the ticket!"

"Your lemon drizzle cake is magnificent and your coffee is superlative x" - Kris

"To all at Weirdigans: Thanks for the free session players' coffee."

"Hullo! As always, I love you! x" - Bob

"Best chill out at Solfest"    "Excellent tea... just when you need it!"     "Nice tea... nice carpets x"

Moor Music Festival, August '09

"The soup is amazing!"      "Coffee-licious coffee!"      "Great cake"     "Your coffee kicks!"

"The best tomato & lentil soup I ever had! Thankyou! I'll be back..."

"Mmmm...chai tea...chai crawl nearly finished...saved the best til last. Weirdigans is best chai on site - except maybe my own :-) ... Gremlins like chai, chai makes pedals go... Chai-powered bikes :-) ..." - gremlin@gremlinscc.org

"Thanks for lovely chai and muesli in the morning, chai and cake in the evening. Diolch (Thanks) xx"

"Mmmm.... Yummy chocolate cake!! :-) Love it!! x" - Niamh        "Carrot cake is a boon..."

"Thanks for the late nights chilling" - Si          "Thanks for the coffee" - JMB

"We've made this our local, coffee in a mug is better and I really like the mugs... the flapjack is AMAZING... 
this place made the weekend! xx" - Charlie

"We love you!"           "Aaahhhh, Tea... Thanks for the chill space x" - Billy & Jay

"Best chai on the circuit!"       "Phenomenal chai! Please come back next year!" - Charlotte

Secret Garden Party, July '09

"Great cup of chai"       "Mmmm! Thankyou :) xx"       "Scrumptious lemon drizzle cake"       "Brilliant!"

"This place is cool...perfect...home"

"Jessamy and Claire were happy here"        "We love you"        "Chai Rules!"      

"Lovely hot chocolate"        "A very lovely atmosphere"      "Good music too!" - Izzy       "We love this tent!" - Hayden

"You are wonderful people - we need tea at times like these, please keep it up! xxx"

Workhouse Festival, July '09

"Good morning lovely chai brewers!"          "Thankyou for the lovely drinks xxx" - Ella

"The best cheese on toast in the Mooniverse XXX" - Laura & Annie

"Mmmmm.... Chai...."          "Shiny happy Weirdy Workhouse, innit x"

"This is my favourite place... Thankyou! :) xx"          "Best mushroom pate ever!"

BeatHerder, July '09

"A nice cup of tea" - Nana     "Best Brew!"     "Too true!"     "Tea Bliss - Thankyou! xx"

"Fantastic service with a smile :) xx" - Angelica           "Very clean too! x" - Vicki

"We're having our honeymoon here and it's fantastic!" - Claire & David

"Your chai came to the rescue - Thanks!"           "Brill tea, will be coming back! x"

"Lovely Lemon Drizzle"      

World Ceilidh at Knockengorroch, May '09

"Twice upon a time... there was the best ginger cake of a lifetime!" - Luke

"Jeezo! What about the flapjacks!? No longer hungry :-)"          "Love up the cake"

"Always a lovely atmosphere in here"        "You are the best, most reliable, friendliest cafe..." - Barney

"Love the red fluff on the tent pegs x"   "I love this tent!"   "Me tae!"     "Love it! x"    "Very nice :)"

"Tried all the chai on site and this is the best - no competition!"

"Love the bright LEDs!" - Michael         "Nice tea"          "So welcoming - Thank you x"

"Best chai at Knockengorroch..."      "...Nigh on the world! xx"

"A chilling area full of festival atmosphere. Love this place."     

"Yum scrum wonderful spicy herbs unexpectedly enhancing my tea"        "I love tea!" - Mathilde

"Thankyou for a wonderful space :) May good things be with you"      "Cool... keep it this way please x"

"Tasty cakes, music, T..."       "...Dinnae need owt else, eh pal?!"

"In the beginning there was water...boiled on a fire...then people added herbs and eventually came chai - a blend of milk and tea and spice - and then came me...and I found a little piece of heaven in a cup. Thankyou." - Ruth

"The chai is awesome, not like the normal bags and boxes you get at all. Keep up the good tea :-)" - William

"I have no right to feel so well this morning..."       

"Brandy coffee breakfast at Knockengorroch Spring '09. Big Love Weirdies! xxx" - Mark

"What a lovely space...thankyou. Very helpful for sensitive-heads! x" - Sagara

Thornborough Henge, May '09

"The cakes are out of this world" - Sylvia             "These cakes are delicious!"

"Nicest cake I've ever tasted. Yum!"                 "Made with love, served with love" - Mandy

"Enjoyed the revival ball!"              "The orange and cinnamon drink is lovely"

"Everyone was hoping Weirdigans would be here again this year"         "Your reputation precedes you!"

From talkboards & email, 2008

"Possibly the best tablecloth in the world..."

"Weirdigans are one of the best festival cafes and I love them to bits."

"Weirdigans!!! So good. Kept me dry from the mingin rain and loved the chilli chocolate...x"

"I just popped my Workhouse Festival cherry....oooeerrr! It was amazing, even the mud and rain was fab! I loved it and will be back again next year!! Thanks for the fun times....especially Weirdigans and their Chai...mmmmmm.
Peace and Love, millymuso xxx"

"Weirdigans - the guys who do the amazing cheese on toast that helps retain the sanity of us festy organisers after weeks of dodgy crew food..."

"Somewhere to sit because everyone takes their shoes off... I was so happy to sit down somewhere clean :-)"

"Far too many Solfest highlights to list, but I’ll have a go… definitely in the top few - Weirdigans chai – yum..."

"We loved the availability of different food & drink at Workhouse... Pimms in the Cabaret tent, toast in Weirdigans..."

"What a wicked Glade! Highlights for me: Rico Tubbs; Nick Interchill in Inspiral; Weirdigans Chai Tea..."

"Nice marquee and a nice vibe too."

"Your truffles were very yummy and there were lots of pretty colours :D"

"Yeaaa Weirdigans. There's no cosier place to find tea slurping hippies..."

"The lemon drizzle cake at Weirdigans is awesome."

"Always a nice cosy place to stop in for a cuppa or a slice of cake. One of those spots where, once ensconced, you could be any festie anywhere - an ever present home from home. Just remember to leave your shoes at the door..."

"Weirdigans is our favourite chill out place for coffee at Solfest."

"Weirdigans... the little organic cafe place, they're always at Solfest, such awesome people."

"Solfest highlight for me was chilling in Weirdigans rather boho cafe..." - Jenny

"If you fancy late evening chilling you should head over to Weirdigans. Its a really nice place to get coffee and lemon drizzle cake from. I think I actually spent more time asleep in there than in my own tent."

"The carrot cake was sooooo nice... I must have had 15 pieces over the weekend!"

"You really need those amazing spirulina or guarana balls and a peppermint tea to help you through a shift when you've been partying too hard..." - Stewards Soapbox

The Hairth, Sept '08

"We love you Weirdigans. Yummy truffles keeping me alive." - Carolyn

"A life-saver place. Coffee and comfort."

"Thanks for the chai :-) x" - Billy & Hannah               "Steamy hot choc! x"

"Your reputation for stonking good hot chocolate is spreading through the fields!"

"Chai- magic! xx"         "Fluffy Thanks :-)"        "Amazing!"    

"Best chai in the land!" - experienced chai drinker

Solfest, August '08

"Hey hey back again...and again and again and again... Big shiny love to Weirdigans! xxx" - Bob

"We've been thinking about your cake since Big Green Gathering last year! It's amazing!" - Gemma & Ben

"Thanks for the fab coffee and cake! xx" - Freya                   "Very nice to take our shoes off"

"Chai - remembered from last year - sooooo good"    "Em & Zack love chai x"      "Tea? Ooooh Good!"

      "Chai" xx           "You make mazing chai!"        "Mmmm... chai tea!"

"Here again. Lovely chai :-) Love x"                      "I love chai too"                 "Chai!"            

"We love your chai the best"    

"Beautiful x" - Jen      "Yeah!!!" - Jim & John    "Hello :) Have a smiley day x" - Kyle & Anna

"Omar n Taz waz ere 2008 and we loved it! x"         "Thanks! x" - Rob & Alex

"Loved the chilli hot choc and the lemon drizzle - FANTASTIC! "            "Fab coffee and walnut cake!"

"Lovely chai and brill ginger cake - Cheers!"            "Lovely! Great atmosphere! 10/10!"

"Chillin@Weirdigans for the 3rd year... Thank U" - Simon, Dean, Claire, Katie, Guy, Lou, Dawn, Tom...

"We love your tea, your cakes, your music and your company. Thank You!!! xxxx" - Jules, Rachel, Mark, Mike

"Thankyou very much we had a really nice time. Lovely atmosphere." - Ruth & Ian

"Made my morning. Very Happy :-) Cheers" - Steve

"The best cake at Solfest 2008"              

"Good times. Love havin the craic in Weirdigans! :-)"             "Tea? Ay..."

"The most fantastic place on the face of the planet - the amazing Weirdigans! Chai = ultimate festi life saver!  Peace and Love!" - Ravenwitch

"I love your truffles!!"           "Coffee! Thankyou x"

"Rush hour at Weirdigans again! Unmissable xx" - Waggy

Northern Green Gathering, August '08

"Lovely scrumptious dips - As good as ever!" - Frances

"Delicious chai, lovely place - Thanks" - Gareth & Rowan

"Coffee to die for xxx" - Fran           "Ralf & Jane love Weirdigans! xxx"

"Fantastic chai!"           "Cheers guys - Great food & drink!" - Keith & Sarah

"This tent smells lovely! Yum!"                   "Great music!"                       "One Love" - Jonny Solstice

"I love Weirdigans, I want their secret chai recipe!"

"Inspired to go home and make chai! Thankyou xxx"

Secret Garden Party, July '08

"Awesome place!" - Portia, Durban               "Mmmm peanut butter and jam on toast on Thursday night, yum x"

"Heavenly chai! xxx" - Faye, Lewisham              "Mmmm yum yum Greek Salad :-) x"

"I love Hummus"      "I love Hummus too :-)"        "Baked beans on toast sorted my stomach out! x"

"Such a delicious breakfast after a long search... it will help me to enjoy this sunny day!" - Jules

"Best value food and delicious!"               "YUM! Dips and warm pitta...mmmm...Divine"

"The Best Cafe."     "We enjoyed the tea"         "Thanks for a lovely time x"     "I love you guys"

"If you're weird and wear cardigans, this is the place for you - Woo! Peace x"

"Spicy bean Go-Go!"      "Awesome food all day long xxx"       "Super hot choc!"

"Yummy cakes and tea, nice juice and squash too..." - LJ Beee          "Thank you xx" - Lucy

"Best chai EVER! xx"       "Loved it! Hot blackcurrant cordial with Pagan Punch shot - Amazing!"

"I had coffee and walnut cake - LOVELY!!"          "Your tea has made my morning! Much Love x" - Issy

"Flapjack and carrot cake both brill! All drinks GREAT! x" - Lindsay

"We love you! Please be here next year! xxx" - Sarah & Kirk        "Hit the spot!"

"Lovely atmosphere and a damn good cuppa tea!"           "Hurrah for cake! x"       

"Thanks so much for having Earl Grey T & for having a beautiful space. Lovely. Will be back very soon xx" - Mabe

"Been to lots of places but yours is the only one we've come back to"

"Great tea, very good people, very good..."           "Hi Weirdigans, Loved meeting u"

"Brill! Simply the BEST!" - Lindsay & Richard  

"Ooooops! ... But it was ok, Weirdigans came to the rescue..."       

"A lovely vegan feast to rejuvenate my weak state. Big SGP smooch. x" - Angela

Glade, July '08

"Really good in here, felt like I was at home, you've got a very nice place. I'll be back!"

"Lovely lovely tea. Thankyou!"     "Well done all you Weirdigans, you're magic!"

"Be who you are, Say what you mean, Becos the people who mind don't matter & the people who matter don't mind..."

"What a lovely tea tent..."           "Thanks for the blanket!"          "This place is cool, man"

"Best chai on site"           "Agreed!"                 "Mental note for later - this place does GREAT chai!"

"It's like Christmas in here. Ace."           "Best cake in town!"          "Great atmosphere"

"Sufjan Stevens on a lovely sunny morning, with yummy chai and muesli. It could be heaven!"

"Rockin' beans on toast, better than my mum's roast dinner!"   "Probably the best beans on toast ever!"

"Great tea."           "Thanks a bunch, munch x"         "Perfect for this time of morning!"

"Only just found this place Sunday morning, it's just what I was looking for, somewhere to relax, not all messy..."

"I've had some disappointing cups of chai, but here is good chai, proper chai!"

"Fluffy Thanks"        "I don't want to leave, don't make us leave!"

"The best coffee in town is at Weirdigans..."        "The best place for a cup of normality. Thanks xx"

Workhouse Festival, July '08

"Happy warm goodness"     "Cheers for the great selection of teas"         "Thanks for your hospitality"

"Brilliant as always"        "Yummy chai"           "Chilli-choc a-go-go"         "Nice tea, lovely cake"

"Lovely food and service, good atmosphere!" - Lucy, Nerys & Beth

"Lovely tea tent, nice to have a proper cup! xx"      "Sooo cosy, loved it here, you made my night!"

"Thanks for making our Sunday morning, twas lovely"    "Brilliant! You made our weekend" - Dave

"Good food and drink, nice party" - Tina & Julie                 "Best beans on toast ever" - Chris

"Thanks for being here and keeping everyone warm and glowing"

"Thankyou! Lovely food and perfect tea."           "Yum hot chocolate" - Aspen 

"Weirdigans is a gem!"

"I've spread my dreams under your feet; tread gently for you tread on my dreams..."

"Chai is the word" - Sophia       "Tremendous, fantastic, truly splendid"

"Weirdigans is ace!" -  Billie     "Weirdigans at Workhouse Festival - best idea ever!" - Emma

"Great coffee, like adrenaline at 7am" - Andi, Cambrian Ambulance

"Excellent food and coffee, happy smiling staff! Thanks" - Keith

Knockengorroch World Ceilidh, May '08

"Thankyou all again. You do it all lovely. Love & Hugs xxx" - Tom

"You make good tea :-) x"                        "Weirdiganlicious :-) xxxxxxx" 

"Love this place - souls saved night and day - beautiful people are we - power to the peaceful x" - Wez

"Doin a crackin' job!"                              "Nice hot chocolate" - Jack, age 6

"Thanks verymuch for being here x"                   "Best place at the festival for cake."

"I was here and it wasn't too dear so I was happy to indulge all the time... We ate, drank, sang... This place has given me hope and I will return... Thankyou for all, many kisses and hugs... Blessed Be" - Patz

"The cakes are so good. Are the recipes trade secrets? Can we have a Weirdigans recipe book please?"

Beltane Weekend, May '08

"Too many nice things to buy but not enough space in my belly." 

"The new Coffee Cake is GORGEOUS." - Charlie

"Hello, nice to see you all again after hibernating. Yummy hot choc choc and smiles. See you at Knock!" - Joanna

"Best hot chocolate - tasty!" - Rick

"Blessings from California USA by way of Nelson, Lancs" - Lala & Paul

From talkboards & email, Autumn '07

"Big respect to the Weirdigans cafe for keeping a mud-free shoes-off area!" - Glade forum

"It's always cool in the Weirdigans cafe " - Glade forum

You and your crew do a great job...we'd be happy to have Weirdigans back...” - Jon Evans, Glade Markets

"Even if you just hide in Weirdigans all festival you'll have a great time (to a Glade 'virgin')" - Glade forum

"I highly recommend Weirdigans...really sound people...lush food & reasonable prices." - Play Festival forum

Interview with BGG's 1000th shareholder: Which area do you like best and why? -
"In the daytime the craft field...also the healing field...at night everyone meets up at Weirdigans before going to the Canyon..."

"Thanks to the lovely people at Weirdigans we were able to stay at NGG because they found a bit of room for our son's vital medicine in their cramped fridge - big thanks again to them." - NGG forum

"I'm not really a big eater at festivals - last year I survived off my free steward food, one Mexican burrito (amazing), 2 cereal bars & best of all those amazing spirulina balls at Weirdigans." - Solfest forum

"The lemon drizzle cake and brandy coffe at 5 am in Weirdigans mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!"

"When my legs got tired of bopping I made my way to Weirdigans organic café for tea and a rum-chocolate energy ball..." 
- Jan Fairley
www.songlines.co.uk (festival profiles)

"A highlight: Weirdigans at 4 o clock on Sunday morning, very good banter" – Solfest forum

"My favourite cafe, 'Weirdigans', was there, they sell wonderful Chai and great truffles, oh and amazing cheese on toast..." - Ragged Hedge review by 'Meadowginger'

"Enjoyed your company and music at Knock & Solfest ... always nice to take yer boots off and relax to good soundz and a nice cuppa !"

The Hairth, Knockengorroch Sept '07

"Awesome as always" "Well done everyone!"

"Definitely the best thing at any festival ever :-) Thankyou!" - Fiona

"We liked the lemon cake very much"

"Wonderful chai, amazing ginger cake, I will be back!"

"Your cafe is the best thing at the festival"

"Chai - great as ever! x" - Frances & Rakesh

Ragged Hedge Fair, Sept '07

"This is the best cafe ever, you have so much stuff it's hard to choose, love it all..."

"The chai tea is the best thing EVER" "Best chai for ages." "Best chai EVER!"

"Best chai and lemon drizzle cake." "Vegan carrot cake is great!"

"Spirulina balls and ginger hot chocolate - wow! Kept me going all night."

"Nice sandwiches, eaten here 3 times now."

"Real tea in a real mug - thumbs up - be happy." "And BANG! there was good tea!"

Solfest, August '07

"Yay, Lancaster got here first!" - Lelly, Janet, Coops, Bob, Jan, Phil & Kerry

"Best chai on site, Yummy!" "Brandy coffee is superbulous!"

"The Weirdigan is great." "Perfectly timed, wonderful chai tea."

"Buy the carrot cake, it's well good." "Chocolate cake - love it love it, yummmm-mmmm"

"Best chai this Californian has ever had."

"I sold my TV and my car. I'm saving up to buy my soul back."

"I've really enjoyed chilling and drinking tea in the wonderful comfortable tent you have. A*"

"Was in here last year for the first time and couldn't wait to get back. Feels like home."

"A very lovely and comfy tent and nice tea and very unusual company..."

"Getting old is compulsary, growing up is optional."

"Chocolate cake makes me smile like a potato face."

"Lots of Love from Ian, India, Anil and Tess xxxxxx"

"It's not a festival without Weirdigans." - Chris

"We love you Weirdigans! Keep seeing you around. Love the cakes and drinks." - Katie & Beck

"Love your brandy coffees. We can always rely on you..." - Lisa & Dan

"Brilliant brilliant brilliant, you people are weird and wonderful! x"

"Thankyou so much to all Weirdigans. Opening 24 hours! You're all legends. x"

"Weirdigans was a 2nd home for us degenerate students. Love the chai. x"

"Thanks for being open all the time! Amazing chai! xxx" - the lassies fae Dundee

"Couldn't have survived without your amazing brews!" - Den

Northern Green Gathering, August '07

"Flapjacks to die for!" ... "Lemon cake to die for!"

"Very nice chai and lovely choccy cake :-)" - Bronwen

"Fantastic chai and such a lovely place to be. Thankyou all." - Rowena

"Here we are again - Lovely. Thanks for everything xxx"

"Been a while!" ... "Never been before - would come again!" - V.K.

"Good chai, good vibes."

"Weirdigans was the best venue on site... thankyou, and for the cups of tea too" - Stephane Spitz, Swervy World (great musical entertainers - check out the link to their site)

"Thankyou one and all, cheers you've been wonderful!"

..And a pact made and signed in Weirdigans... "I, Dave, promise to swap my eternal soul for the ability to do handstands and the splits properly."

Big Green Gathering, August '07

"You guys are ace! It feels like you're hosting us in your cosy living room. Thankyou! xx"

"Late night Love Dome: fantastico! Late night Small World: Fantastico! Late night Weirdigans watching the sunrise: FANTASTICO!!!"

"Great chai, beans on toast and CAKES! ....What I love about this cafe is that you and the vibes say that you love what you do and the people you feed. Ta, it's GREAT! x" - Katrina

"Loveliest yummiest chai and best cosy and friendly atmosphere here, Cheers! xxx" - Jenny ...

"Good old Weirdigans" ... "I think you guys do a great job. Love you. xxx" - G

"This is my favourite place" - Carlton ... "I love Weirdigans :-)" ... "You guys rock"

"Shrubby loves it here. Thanks for the carrot cake and chai, my daily defense against hunger!"

...they loved Smiley D's new improved cake recipes...

"Chocolate cake to die for!!" "Chocolate cake is my friend! Thanks for a lovely festival."

"Your lemon drizzle cake is the stuff dreams are made of... Thankyou for so many happy bellies and steaming cups... xxx"

"Dangerously good. The best cakes on site :-) Thankyou Weirdigans! xxx" - Joe, Emma, Jamie

"We've eaten cake all around this festival and the carrot cake here is the best on site by far." - Simon & Paula

"The best vegan cake in the BGG if not the planet! Have searched the site the last few days and tried everywhere - keep coming back here! Thankyou and well done!"

"Love the Guarana truffles!" - Tim Truffle

...and they went totally loopy over the chai...

"Yummy chai" ... "Chai chai chai yes yes yes" ... "Eee a reet good cuppa" ... "Best chai on site" ... "The chai is the best I've ever had outside of India" ... "That be a truth!" ... "I love the chai" ... "The best chai I've found so far x" ... "Lovely chai lovely tea your chai tea is the most lovely." ... "One of the best cups of chai I've ever had - Thanks, I'll be back for more!" - Jane, Devon ... "Wow, chai like never before - try the best and skip the rest." - Nic, Dave, Jess & Kelvin ... "Your chai is the best on site, on a rainy morning or a sunny afternoon!" ... "Yummy chai, we came back for more, we like the gingeryness :-)" - Babs & Rob

...beans on toast went down well too...

"Nice one - full of 'Beans' now!" ... "Magic Beans!"

...and from our No.1 Customer...

"Couldn't camp just over the path from you this year but still got here for breakfast, elevenses, dinner, tea, supper and umpteen breaks inbetween and especially through the night: hope me fires were ok... Best chai etc etc and I've converted three to the 'cult of the Weirdigans' :-) See y'all next year, love and light, xxxx" (you were great, thanks for the fire-tending - the Weirdigans x)

Glade Festival, July'07

"A beautiful calm tent, which is warm and doesn't leak, that is a perfectly splendid respite after a hard day's dancing." - Laura Harding

"Thanks for creating an oasis in the mud. Keep doing it - it matters. Lush tea and cake too x" -

"Prepared with love by lovely people xxx" - Al, Alison, Ally, Mirror, the Ally Lama, Torch, Festiv-Al, Alistair

"Weird Again. Hooray. You guys rock!" "We love you!!! Best chai ever."

"As always a pleasure to wander in and find somewhere nice and chilled to grab a hot drink and chat to some lovely friendly people." - Dave

"My mother would be proud of you!" - Dany

"The best tea, best cake and cleanest place @ Glade!" - Amos

"Thanks for nice dry tent. Every Glade we spend lovely time in Weirdigans. Thankyou."

"Love rain, love mud, love chai... Fanks for the warm xx" - Jo Jo

"The best flapjacks on site." "The best cuppa I've found so far." - Andy

"Very nice taking my boots off. Nice carpets." - William

"Fantastic - you beat the mud!" - Karen

"This was the only clean and comfortable space to sit in at the whole of Glade 2007. Well appreciated."

"Thankyou for being open on Monday morning xxx"

Workhouse Festival, June'07

"Beautiful tent, lovely chai and ginger choc and gorgeous cake. Dry carpet the best idea ever. Good luck and big love xxx" - Roxy & Sean

"Awesome vegan eats and treats - thanks!"

"We've spent about 10 hours in here this weekend, in varying states of collapse, and have enjoyed every second! Thankyou Weirdigans. " - Sarah & Suze

"Thankyou for generating such a lovely atmosphere despite the appalling weather! Once enjoyed, never forgotten." - Rowan

"Fabulous festival, didn't know what to expect, found fun, new music, and unbelievably beautiful souls. Weirdigans was our haven! Thankyou!!" - Ang, Emily & Rob

"Very relaxed and civilised, comfy, warm and cosy - a great break from the rain!"

"Guarana truffles saved my night!" "The cake was yum and I like rugs." - Ron

"What a lovely cafe, there are many colours and beautiful decor, it also remains friendly and unpretentious. And the sandwiches are ace." - Ed

"We love Weirdigans, much love xxx" - Katie & Sky

"I think Weirdigans is fantastic, it's been an absolute pleasure to have worked with such cool people!" - Cassie

World Ceilidh, Knockengorroch, May '07

"Yes Coffee, filtered with care, In a perfect setting, How lovely a moment, In perfect company... The Hebden Coffee Crew rock!"

"Lovely lovely lovely lovely jubbly thank you all so much very lovely"

"Finest hot chocolate" "Beautiful!" "Great banter!" "We're lovin' it! x" - Deb/Dan

"Heaven-with-a-stick hot choc (the stick being chilli)"

"You are a very cosy and lovely cafe xx"

"The chai was fantastic. So good that it took me back to when I was in India. It tasted like real Indian chai. Thanks for bringing such good memories back."

From talkboards & email, Autumn '06

"Loved the Weirdigans..."

"What about the Weirdigans badge, for people who drink ten plus cups of coffee in one sitting?"

"Weirdigans is bloody brilliant. They kept me sane at Knockengorroch."

"I'd just like to say you've made a d**n good job of that Weirdigans thing (a bit too good for I never seem to leave). Thank you for creating a heaven and can you pass on big big thanks from all of us to the crew for being ace. It was rammed all night and they just hammered on. I cannot tell you how nice a place it is."

"Very few stalls seemed to have real milk, not great for your morning tea/coffee that, but the best tea tent (Weirdigans) had real cups and real milk..." (Knockengorroch)

"Spent quite a bit of time in your tent at Solfest earlier this year, and it had a really nice feeling to it, a happy, cosy, relaxed atmosphere and it looked like an amazing thing to be a part of." - Lorraine

"Weirdigans is a haven. Everything is perfect, though I could do with some ice for my scotch next time :-) You can even leave clothes strewn about and they'll be safe. I am lovedening them." - Bob

"Festival highlight - Weirdigans, the tiny, cheap, solar-powered, fair-trade hippy tea tent, run by the friendliest people ever. Went there for a cheese sandwich on Thursday and pretty much never left, spent more time there than in the arena." - Festival Weather forum '06

Fell Edge Festival, September '06

"Mmmmmm! Love the choc cake and the staff are very kind!" - Emily

"Loved it!" "It's all fab!" "The bees knees..." - Susi

"You guys are totally awesome! I do love your cakes and your cuppas..." - Emma

"I love them cakes!" - Steamboat Andy

"Killer cake!" "Brandy chocolate truffles rocked!"

"Lovely happy smiley faced feedies."

"Home from home...Lovely inspiring place to chill." - Zo

"Inspirational indeed...this place should be permanent."

"Chocolate truffle Soggy outside warm tea in Thankyou lovely Weirds" - Saskia's haiku

Knockengorroch - 'The Hairth', Sept '06

"Great chai, beautiful teapot, Thankyou."

"You make a lovely vibe in here." "I love the love!" "Great hosts!"

"Loving the guarana, chocolate and chai."

"Thankyou for the great chai and cakes. Had fun hanging out in your carpetted heaven."

"This place is cool. Thanks for a good 1st festival."

"Absolutely fantastic lemon cake, moist and yummy, orgasmic..." - Bet

"Ginger cake is my new favourite..."

"Great hot chocolate..." "...Yeah, I 2nd that!" "Great music taste too!"

"Saw you guys at Solfest. Good to drink here again." - Luke & Sai

"Fell in love with a Weirdigans coffee in my hand. And I mean TRUE LOVE! Doesn't come much better than that..." - Waggy from Mull

"Lovely n cosy, so nice to be able to take your boots off and sit down on lush carpets, all comfy and not muddy."

"Best place to chill all weekend."

"Thankyou all for the hot chai and warm glow." - Nimue

"Thankyou for the comfy haven on Monday, and for all the dancing and happy smiling faces before I go."

"Thankyou for providing a wonderful calm space...and especially for sticking it out Monday morning."

"Sleep for a month, you guys deserve it. Peace x"

Solfest, August '06

"A la premier de la festival! We have officially decided this is the coolest place to be!" - Bluejam

"Joy and Rapture, you're here again! We love you and your brews! Seen you at Solfest '05, Shamania, and now Solfest '06." - Lelly, Coops, Janet, Bob

"I love your lit-up teapot! A little piece of heaven soul art!"

"Lovin' Em's lovely chai." "Good coffee." "Orgasmic teas!"

"Lovely lovely festival. Thankyou for welcoming us in from the cold." - Kristi and Phil

"We love your truffles. Spirulina and guarana and brandy hot choc - festival staples. Keep 'em coming peeps. Namaste." - Neti and Tracy

"Thanks for the warm...Cheers for the love."

"This is a lovely place to watch the sun come up."

"Thankyou for making us lots of tea, love and hugs xxx" - Nicola, Edd and Kat

"I asked for a staunch coffee and a staunch coffee is what I got." - Sarah

"Top vibe." "A wonderful place to chill." - Loki

"It's my 2nd year here. I'd forgotten how good the brandy coffee is! Long may it continue. See you next year." - Tom

"Happy Happy Joy Joy! Thankyou so much." - Christof

"Bloody lovely cake." "I love your cafe." - Cherry

"I don't like cakes but the choc cake was the lushest thing on earth!"

"I still think this is the best cafe ever."

"Love to all you Weirdigans." - Mark, Food of Love Catering

"I confess! I left my mug in the dance tent! Sorry! (But we had a good dance)." - Kate

"Yay Weirdigans, I've had so much tea and coffee mi kidneys hurt, hee hee, but tis as good if not better then last time, Good stuff!" - Janet, Bob, Coops and Lelly

"Seriously blatent quality style! Thanks." - Katie

"Oh Happy Days! Many thanx for the chai, hot choc and munchies. Lovely Lovely Yum Yum." - Ben

"Wallaby = Someone aspiring to be a kangaroo :-)" - Laurel

"This is the best tent in the whole field."

"Thankyou Weirdigans for ALWAYS being there xxx" - Claire

"You are the bestest, loveliest brewer-uppers EVER! See you next year."

Northern Green Gathering, August '06

"All hail Weirdigans! Mocha coffee kept me going at Shamania and NGG."

"Best chai EVER in this tea tent...Love the staff, love the cake..." - Kat

"What an excellent establishment!" - Frances, from Nomad

"A very beautiful space, Thankyou."

"Great tent, great food, hope to see more of you!" - Juls

"Great space for singing and sharing." - Frieda

"I love you Weirdigans!" "Wow! Great cake!"

Kulu Masked Ball @ Baskerville Hall, August '06

"Fabulous service. Well done for being great!"

"Mmmm chai mmmm."

"You people are curious and lovely."

"Weirdies rock! Cheers for the top hummus, butties and coffee."

"I think this tea may well change my attitude to life. Thanks for the refreshment and inspiration." - Chris

"We love the flapjacks, mmmm."

Big Green Gathering, August '06

"1st drink stop at the gathering. Lovely." - Selene

"Love the vibe and wicked sandwiches."

"As a punter I want to say you are doing a fantastic job!"

"The nicest paper in the nicest guestbook in the nicest tea tent in the world?"

"The food comes quickly and it tastes good too!"

"Cheese on toast! How brilliant! And I'm eating it all!"

"Yummy om, nice one." "Thankyou for the hospitality." "Love the chai." - Jeoffrey

"Back for chocolate cake - I somehow missed it last year!"

"You make the best chai, Thanks."

"Love the chai Love the truffles Love the pretty lights Love the vibe Love the carpets. Mmmmmmm." - Stephan

"We rather do like your cafe" - Cherry and Bel

"Best chai on site!!" "We love you Weirdigans!"

"Nice friendly staff. Glad you're here." - S

"Best hot choc, best chilled and polite people. A wicked place to chill, thanks for being there in the mornings when this place is so what you need."

"Bingo! Orgasmic!" - Andy

"Very friendly chilled out place for a chai. Lovely staff. See you next year!" - Carrie

"Hey lovely Weirdigans, fantastic tent, great cake." - Sammy

"You are all wonderful! Best coffee on site. Big Kisses xxx" - Freya

"Bless yer byootiful hearts one and all. We love the Weirdigans, for tis our own home too!" - Wal, Paddy & James (The Wierdstring Band)

"Well done lovely Weirdigans Crew, it's all so groovy and gorgeous. Being so priveleged to share the Beech Trees Hill and shade and the view of the trackway in the afternoon with the cafe was just ace." - Tom and Sally

"Love Peace and Harmonies to the best tea shop at the BGG."

"It was 5am, no-one was open but you, we had nice tea and cake, thankyou for the fire, we can't believe you are all still standing. Well done!" - G and Clare

"Last place left alive, God bless you beautiful people."

"6am and I have had a fantastic time here. Good Luck." - Netty and Hannah

Furrow Green, July '06

"Love Furrow Green, love Weirdigans!" - Delilah & Lola

"Great atmosphere and we love the cake & toast!" - Lance & Isabelle

"Great food and friendly service!"

"The chai is worth the wait." - William

"Yummy beans on toast and how could I forget the scrummy chocolate cake."

"Excellent mint tea." - Simon

"Lovely service and you have converted me to chai! Thankyou." - Scarlett

"Thanks for the great choc cake, mmmm mmmm." - Richard

"Top tucker and ambience. Thanks a lot!" - Sarah & Hugo

"Best cafe I've ever been in!" - 'a Good Customer'

"I love da hot choc!" - Lucy

"Thanks, all of you, for making Furrow Green such a welcoming warm place - delicious food, fine charming people. Good Luck! xxx" - Vicki

Shamania, July '06

"What a wonderful cafe. Wonderful food & fabulous people." - Julie

"Lovely lovely Weirdigan fluff-bunnies! How do you keep your lovely smiles on all the time? Eh?! Thanks a twillion." - Nadia

"Does your mushroom pate contain addictive ingredients?!"

"Compliments to the chef!"

"Reminds me of Old Erzarum - sumptuous, exotic..." - Rich

"Oooh yummy yummy" - Gems

"Lovely lovely lushious place! Thankyou" - Laura

"Weirdigans, you have inspired me to redecorate my kitchen..."

"Such beautiful lounging summer days & crazy nights, Thankyou!" - Jane

"A great weekend had by all. Especially in Weirdigans." - Liz, Laura, Rosie, Tom & Matt

Glade, July '06

"What a wonderful warm inviting place you have here! Like it." - Big Dave

"Just the BEST place for that end of evening/early morning chill out. Everyone is really friendly (especially the staff)...will see you tomorrow eve!" - Kate

"Thanks for not chucking us out - we might as well live here!"

"A wicked little cafe, chilled, and tasty blackcurrant cordial!"

"Mmmm tea & cake, great space lovin' it."

"Shamanic organic fantastic keep up the good work!"

"Lovely much needed tea, damn good cuppa!!!" - Loz & Sera

"A lovely comfy space with lovely comfy people (and glamorous too!)."

"Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou I ate your chocolate cake and was sent to chocolate cake heaven! You saved me!"

"Thanks for making a lovely friendly place. Best chill tent here!" - Mike & Suzy

"Have had so much pleasure chilling out in your welcoming, positive & very relaxed environment. A wee Glade of peace within Glade! Thankyou." - Anna

"First discovered you at BGG 2005 when I desperately needed a calm peaceful place for a while...Enjoyed my time with you here at Glade...Welcoming warm friendly & hospitable xx" - Lucy

"Thanks for being bloody FAB hosts! Friendliness and lots of warmth - also the best tea, coffee & chai in the festival." - Caerthan

"Seal of approval to Weirdigans for helping to complete our morning munch mission..." - Cambridge Crew

"Fantastic atmosphere, lovely people, great time. Drinking coffee to the sunrise, the birth of a new day, with the sun streaming into Weirdigans, a perfect beginning." - James

"To all the Weirdigan workers: we loved being here, you guys are great fun, take it easy...Love, The Regulars."

"So long & thanks for all the tea!" - Rhis, Ben, Bronya

Pendle Witch Camp, June '06

"First time at Pendle. Loved Weirdigans Cafe. Very chilled atmosphere." - Fiona & Millie

"Thankyou for creating my festival home-away-from-home. Blessings with you always."

"My Wordigans!! Ha, Ha! Fantastical...Thankyou for your warming welcome and sanctuary, whilst the wind doth blow! Safe Journeys & Magical Thoughts to you all." - Liz & Steph

"Loved the Pagan Punch! See you next year. xx" - Dawn

Knockengorroch, May '06

"You guys are GREAT!" "Just Gorgeous!" - Holly

"Truffles are superb!" "Flapjack heaven - Thankyou. xxx"

"Absolutely fabuloustic choccy cake."

"The last piece of chocolate cake in the world. Thankyou Weirdigans." - Lisa & Stu, Monday morning

"I was there, kinda. Had a good sleep. Nice hot chocolate."

"Everso good, we loved your beverages & vibe, thankyou thankyou. xxx"

"A great end to a wonderful evening & fab weekend. Thanks!!" - Gemma

"Thankyou for waking me up!" - Mina

Knockengorroch, Sept '05

"Thankyou for harmonium & chamomile tea & songs we knew, all at Talanotry Meadow Equinox '05. When's the chai ready?" - Tom

"You gave me free hot water! I love you!" - Claire

"Silver valleys, wisps of mist, sagging tents, leaky buckets, faerie wings, woven things, fantastical wellies, glitter & grime, muddy skirt hems, sizzling fiddles, cigarette divas, sleep crowded in corners, poi pixies, beautiful men who dance like cats, tinkers & tailors, psychedelic mushrooms, dreadlocks flying like windmills, aprons of mud, the crystalline corners of my mind, this clutter of colour, hooligans demanding dances, prancers, bare bones of hills, clouds of cobblestone, curdling water weed river, my breath our breath hanging in the air, the question you never asked...oh & recycling bodhisattvas."

"I am liking coming into an atmosphere of fiddles & play & people connecting with lovely cafe & tea. 'Tis lovely, Bless You." - Annie

"Thankyou for beautiful space & mugs of coffee & yummy cake. Superb!" - Grace

Rob & Jo's Wedding, Sept '05

"Thank you all for 'making' the wedding, a bit corny but someone said you were 'the icing on the cake'. Your friendly easy attitude & the fact that you cared about your cooking made it really special. The food & your service couldn't be beaten & I've got an idea how hard you all worked. A special thankyou from me for being kind & reassuring & giving me cups of tea when I was flapping about! The decorations really made the beer tent, thanks for that too. If you're ever in N Wales I'd like to look after you & cook you tea." - Janet (mother of the groom)

Solfest, Aug '05

"This was bliss. My sanctuary, my haven. Thankyou to all."

"You are incredible! We love you." "Thanks for a magic one."

"For the Gentlemen & Scholars working late, cheers for the tea, peace & love." - Neil

"Thankyou for a friendly warm place to hide from the wind & to talk to friends. You are all amazingly welcoming. Nice one." - C

"Thanks for being so welcoming." "Now that's service for you..."

"Thankyou for lovely coffee & comfy environment to chill."

"This place is awesome!" "I love you guys."

"It's really lovely to have a nice cup of tea... Merci Beaucoup... We love this place." - Cath & Rosie

"This is a marvellous place where much fun takes place."

"We've been here all night, it's great!"

"Great brews, fantastic atmosphere."

"Thanks guys, your coffee is great, your tent is great, you are great, keep going!" - Charlie

"You're the jolliest wee guys I ever did see, Thanks for the tea/coffee with a smile." - Lorna & Theresa

"After a night of hazy discussions accompanied by your lovely brews, I feel obliged to thank you kindly for your shelter...great weekend, see you next time!"

"The Weirdigans tent: Happy memories! Best be back next year!"

Masterpeace, Aug '05

"You provided a great area, above expectations, that seemed to be the centre of it all...Well Done!" - Dan (Masterpeace organiser)

"Impeccable hospitality...impeccable chai tea..." "Fantastic truffles." - Kirsten

"The best sounds of the festival."

"I loved making your fence. You run a beautiful ship." - Peanut

"We love your tent, it's been done with so much care & attention to detail, it's decorated so beautifully - not for the sake of it but with love." - Ione & Ron

"Thanks for being open & feeding me warm beverages."

"I've spent the most time here because it's such a lovely vibe. Great staff, lovely atmosphere & fabulous products - the best chai tea I've ever had, excellent mochas, & I adore the guarana truffles & revival balls...Cheers!" - Miriam

"The best thing at Masterpeace festival (after herding sheep)."

"Cheers happy hippys, you've filled my tum nicely."

"Stevesuperboss from Leeds would like to thank you for a great space & superlative super sweet snacks..."

"The best T experience in Skipton, the fine goods only beaten by the lovely staff." - Paul

Big Green Gathering, Aug '05

"We'd love to have you back next year, your space looked really pretty & welcoming..." - Jennifer, BGG Markets

"Fantastic thankyou for being organic & fairly traded & having some lovely vegan beans on toast! I'll be back for more." - Jon Cousins (Glastonbury)

"Mano from Edinburgh, new to the whole BGG! Really cool cafe, relaxing music with a good beat and AMAZING chai tea!" - Mano

"Best breakfast on site, nothing can beat Weirdigans beans on toast, Yum Yum!"

"Thankyou Weirdigans for the flippin lovely chai. xx"

"Very friendly & relaxed with good cake! What more could you want?" - Hermione

"Lovely amazing platter of people & food, de vibe is good..." - Spencer

"Amazing cheesecake!"

"Delicious authentic chai - fine, fine chai wallahs!"

"Lots of love & thanks for the breakfasts xxx" - Maisie

"Best chai at BGG & love the name! Thankyou."

"Possibly the nicest food we've had at this festival! Yum Yum Yum. Thank you kindly." - Saffy & Louie

"Excellent cafe, excellent service & really nice people."

"Standard of food really good. We appreciate it. Thankyou! xxx."

"Thankyou for sorting me out on the Saturday night, lovely food & lovely people x."

"I just came back to say Thank You for being the cutest, cosiest & coolest-named cafe on site xxx." - Suzy

"Open on the last morning! Mmmmmmmmm. Good Good."

"Hello Weirdigans! You have been our cafe of choice each night - THANKYOU! - always welcomed with a smile, great chai, great music & cake...Wish you'd set up at the end of our road back home! Cheers!" - Rachel & Chris

Radical Routes Summer Gathering, July '05

"I've eaten like at my Mother's table..." - Chupi

Glade Festival, July '05

"We were hoping you'd be here this year. Weirdigans is THE place to hang out" - Ruth

"A home from home." "Wicked space & vibes..."

"Weirdigans was our favourite chilling spot last year & we're pleased that they're back - Thanks for the wonderful chai tea, smiling faces & good advice. We love you! xxx"

"I was looking for a cup of tea & a blanket & I found them both here."

"The chai tea is incredibly yummy." - Emily

"Once again, Great Fun. Thanx 4 having us. Peace." - A tired but happy Alex

"The nicest chai I've had here..." "Best coffee on site..."

"We spent a few happy hours with you lovely people on Sunday night/Mon morning. We had the best chill time of the weekend with you guys. The vibe was lovely. Big hairy hugs to all at Weirdigans." - Yogipaul

"Love & Peace to you...Thanks for not trying to rip us off. Good value. Ta! x"

Thornborough Beltane Celebration, May '05

"A big thank you to yourself and all the Weirdigans for your contribution to Beltane at Thornborough. The fire show was absolutely excellent and having the cafe there made it really feel like a proper festival."

- Oliver, Director Thornborough Beltane Celebration 2005 www.sacredbrigantia.co.uk

Natalie and Gile's Wedding, Sept '04

"We can only think how lucky we were to accidentally come across Weirdigans to do the food for our handfasting. Organic delicious food and hot drinks? – YES PLEASE!! Initially we thought only 80 people would attend; we then broke the news that around 150 was coming instead. Not to be put off, Weirdigans rose to the challenge and, without grumbling; they served food on an old oak grove to 180 guests, many in costume.

Service with a smile (or a cheeky grin in Duncan’s case) and a wonderful display of salads, pies, fruit, cheeses, Anglo-Saxon loaves and two different stews. Mouths watered as the queue got underway. Eaten out of wooden bowls and plates as the sun went down the hill – magical!

Half way through the evening an amazing cake table was revealed, with many fabulous cakes, a feast for the eyes. Including a surprise handfasting cake made of chocolate – our favourite! Thank goodness we got to cut the cake and have a piece first, as they were delicious and all disappeared in 5 minutes flat.

Later in the evening there were teas, coffees and hot chocolates (with a choice of alcoholic supplements) served for the weary guests and their tired feet. Even with their own weary feet, the Weirdigans team still had energy left to perform a fire show at midnight that was out of this world!

8 Months on and everyone is still commenting on how amazing the food was at our handfasting, obviously we are very smug and pleased to have chosen Weirdigans. Who are now very good friends of ours too!"

- Natalie Odwyer www.odwyerbryan.com

Glade Festival, July '04

"We came, we drank, we loved! Best tea, coffee, cake & chill vibe here. Ta everso." - Jen, Rachel & Mark

"Beautiful people create beautiful spaces attracting beautiful people. Thankyou. " - Richard & Janara

"The loveliest chill space, great coffee & the nicest staff" - Mike

"I loved the nice people with lush lemon cake & tea...lemon cake saved my life...yum yum yum" - Ralph 'the-lemon-cake-man'

"Thanks for being my second home for the weekend. You lot are totally MEGA!!" - Letty & Jason

"Wonderful cheerful staff even after a whole weekend of work & no sleep!"

"Respect where respect's due!!"

"Best chai on site"..."Great coffee"..."Best salad"...

"I haven't eaten anywhere else on site"

Crickstock, June '04

"Weirdigans were integral to the success of 'Crickstock 2004', the fifth annual cricket and music festival in Hebden Bridge. With over 500 people of all ages attending, Weirdigans' laid-back atmosphere, professional approach, extensive range of soft drinks and heavenly cakes helped us set the tone for a beautiful day's Cricket, Ale, Music and Fun."

- Dave Brooks, Director Crickstock 2004

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