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The Green Gathering

We Love Windmills


Radical Politics, Campaigns & Direct Action

CAAB - Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases.

Earthian's Blog - One man's peace mission to the Middle East.

Frack Off - Against extreme forms of energy extraction, such as 'fracking' for gas.

Free Tibet - Campaigning for an end to China's occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected; educating people about the situation in Tibet.

GM Freeze & GM Watch - Against Genetically Modified crops. Monthly and weekly news reports on GM issues around the world. 

Greenpeace - The number one campaigners for environmental security & biodiversity.

Hazel Hedge - Wordpress blog covering current campaigns and countercultural moodswings, from the inside.

Occupy London - Begun outside the London Stock Exchange, camped at St Paul's Cathedral, still causing havoc in the capital given half a chance.

No Dash For Gas - Campaigning for sensible, green energy choices; which means no new gas power stations...

Radical Routes - A co-op of co-operatives - housing co-ops, workers' co-ops and social centres. Mutually supportive and working for radical social change.

Stop New Nuclear - Co-ordinates acts of civil disobedience aimed at stopping nuclear new build.

Education & Sustainable Futures

LEDfantastic - For low-energy lighting solutions by Dave Weirdigan.

Transition Network - Where motivated individuals come together to work out how best their community can respond to the challenges of climate change and post-oil futures. Practical, political, philosophical... and URGENT.

TreesponsibilityYorkshire-based not-for-profit community group combining reforestation and ecological restoration with awareness-raising about climate change and local resilience.  


Growing with Grace - A small organic farm, run as a community co-operative, with a farm shop, box scheme and educational centre. We get often get our veg here.

Suma - Our co-operative wholefood supplier. 

Veggies - Vegan campaigning catering company, run by volunteers. They keep this contact list for vegetarian caterers around the country.


Hebden Bridge Hostel - aka Mama Weirdigans. Stay with us in this unique South Pennine town!

Seat 61 - How to travel long-distance without getting on a plane: fantastically detailed advice and information on train and boat travel around the world.


Green ISP - Web and email hosting from a Green provider. They have solar-powered offices and bicycle-powered techies, are involved in tree-planting projects and much more.

Fireman Dave - The fantastic Fireman Dave dances with fire, creates colourful and crazy walkabout characters and is an all-round brilliant, fun and unique performer. For festival/party/street/theatre/anywhere performances and circus workshops.

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