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If you'd like to live in a field, wash up, make tea, bang in tent pegs, heft heavy canvasses, cook a bit, stay up late, plant plastic flowers, get up early, banter with customers, scrub floors while wearing sequins, dig ditches, chop veg... or perhaps wire up LEDs, host radical political debates, do a spot of DJing ... and you're honest and hard-working and you broadly agree with our ethics... 

...then you might be who we're looking for. 

If the idea tickles you: 

email elf [at], tell us about yourself, and we'll tell you more about us.

p.s. Before you do...

...Bear in mind that working in a kitchen in a field is hard graft and not terribly glamorous. 
If you just want a free ticket to a festival there are far easier ways to get one (try stewarding). 
If you like to spend most of your time at festivals gurning or stoned, Weirdigans isn't for you. Sharp water, boiling knives, early adding up and fast mornings will trip you up if you haven't got a clear mind ;)

We run a tight ship and throw fools off the gangplank. We're sticklers for punctuality, kitchen hygiene and not-skiving. If you join us, be prepared to do things our way until you've learnt the ropes; we'll happily listen to your ideas for improvement... but probably not on your first day with us, nor right in the middle of a busy shift!

If this hasn't put you off and you fancy getting paid and fed while working with a lovely bunch of hard-working folk... then go on, write that email.

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